Our first manufacturing process is for the production of BDO. Our GENO BDO™ process is now commercial. This process was used to produce 5 million pounds of BDO in late 2012, all sold and shipped; and has been licensed by BASF, the world’s #1 chemical producer and #1 BDO producer, as well as by Novamont in Italy.

BDO made using our process has been tested successfully by multiple companies. That means they made polymers, fibers and materials with the same properties as when they use petro-BDO; and they used the same equipment and processes to make their products as when they use petro-BDO. In April 2013, Toray was the first company to publicly confirm successful production of bio-based PBT and part samples from BDO made with our process. In June 2013, Lanxess announced large-scale production of PBT in their standard commercial-scale plant. Also in June 2013, Far Eastern announced high-performance fibers and apparel made using BDO made with our process. 

We expect the first dedicated commercial-scale BDO plant that uses our GENO BDO process to produce approximately 40 million pounds of BDO per year in a plant in Europe that is owned and operated by one of our partners, Novamont. We are also targeting deployment of larger BDO plants (>100 million pounds per year) by partners licensing our process in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our second manufacturing process is for the production of butadiene, for which we have an extensive development program and major industry support. In August 2011, we successfully produced bio-based butadiene, made from renewable feedstocks. In 2013, both Versalis and Braskem announced agreements with Genomatica for butadiene.

Genomatica is also developing a pipeline of sustainable processes to enable production of additional intermediate and basic chemicals that, like BDO and butadiene, have large established markets.

Genomatica’s GENO BDO process was commercially proven in late 2012, with the production 
of 5 million pounds of BDO in just 5 weeks.