In January 2012, Genomatica and Novamont announced an agreement for the first industrial plant in Europe producing butanediol (BDO) directly from renewable feedstocks. Novamont, a leading producer of biodegradable bioplastics, will use the BDO internally to meet the increasing demand for its biopolymer products that incorporate BDO.

Novamont is actively converting a facility in Adria, Italy to use Genomatica’s GENO BDO™ process. In July 2015, Novamont disclosed that it had increased plant capacity to 30,000 metric tons per year, an increase of 67% from the original plan for 18,000.


Novamont will use Genomatica’s process to produce 30,000 tons of renewable BDO per year in Adria, Italy, up from an original plan for 18,000.

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