In March 2011, we signed a joint development agreement with Tate & Lyle to jointly scale up the production of BDO from dextrose sugar feedstocks in North America and jointly operate a plant at demonstration scale.

Tate & Lyle has extensive experience in the industrial scale-up of bio-fermentation processes for making a range of different chemicals, as well as experience in corn wet milling and the processing of dextrose sugars for multiple processes with unit operations and equipment similar to that used in our BDO manufacturing process. Their experience includes a joint venture with DuPont for a commercial plant in Loudon, Tennessee which produces propanediol, which is chemically similar to BDO but with three carbon atoms. That process uses the same microorganism (E. coli) and applied the same production scale-up factor as planned for our commercialization of BDO, going from 13,000 liter fermentation tanks to commercial scale, for a plant with a production capacity of 100 million pounds per year.

See the partnership press release for details.