Genomatica has been building an extensive program in butadiene, with Versalis and Braskem as the initial partners. The objective is to develop commercial processes for the on-purpose production of butadiene from a range of renewable feedstocks, for licensing to and use by the global chemical industry. Our program includes total investments of over $100 million over the next few years, as anticipated under current agreements, and leverages Genomatica’s extensive intellectual property and success in commercializing our GENO BDO process.

Butadiene is one of the seven basic chemicals at the core of the chemical industry and a key raw material for tires, engineering polymers and latex products. Global demand was forecast at over 20 billion pounds in 2011, or more than $20 billion per year.

In August 2011, we announced that we had successfully produced butadiene from renewable feedstocks in pound quantities.

In April 2013, Versalis and Genomatica announced an agreement to create a joint venture for butadiene. The two companies will work together to develop a complete ‘end-to-end’ process for the on-purpose production of butadiene from non-food biomass.

In December 2013, Braskem and Genomatica announced a joint development agreement for butadiene. Braskem anticipates funding Genomatica’s development work; will allocate Braskem R&D resources; and fund the construction of pilot and demonstration-scale plants.

In November 2015, Braskem and Genomatica announced they had achieved their milestones for direct production of bio-butadiene at lab scale, in June 2015.

In February 2016, Versalis and Genomatica announced they had produced bio-butadiene at pilot scale and made bio-rubber.

Genomatica welcomes discussions with other butadiene producers and users about joining the program; contact

Genomatica first produced pounds of bio-based butadiene in 2011,
from renewable feedstocks.