Our GENO BDO™ process, for the production of BDO, is now commercial; our second, for butadiene, has major support from both Versalis and Braskem. We are developing processes for additional major chemicals and are happy to discuss partnerships for development and commercialization.

We develop our processes using our proprietary biotechnology platform. Our processes are designed to convert a range of renewable feedstocks into numerous target chemicals that meet industry specifications for large, established markets.

Our technology platform combines predictive computational modeling with advanced experimental laboratory technology and process engineering in a unique systems-based approach. This allows us to develop highly efficient manufacturing processes faster than traditional process development methods. Our development speed and process efficiency were validated by our achievement of successful commercial-scale production of BDO using our process in less than five years.

Our platform is designed to identify the most efficient biochemical pathways and select the most effective microorganisms to convert feedstocks into target chemicals, leading to optimal process technologies developed in a capital-efficient manner. Our intellectual property currently targets processes to produce over 20 intermediate and basic chemicals, including our commercial GENO BDO process and the processes for butadiene that we are developing.

Genomatica processes are designed to make high-volume chemicals from renewable feedstocks