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Geno is The Sustainable Source™

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We are accelerating the world's transformation to sustainable materials by replacing fossil fuel sources with plants. We believe that all products should be responsibly sourced, traceable and transparent — the sustainable source™.

to us,

less is more

Our technology has the capacity to reduce 85M tons of carbon per year. Our first technology is already enabling up to 90% lower carbon emissions than the same products made using fossil fuels and other unsustainable sources.

to us,

less is more

90% less CO2


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We have a fossil fuel dependency. And our reliance extends far deeper than just fuel for our cars and energy for our homes. Over the last 100 years, a vast array of molecules made from fossil fuels have been the building blocks for much of modern life — from the materials in the clothing we wear to the ingredients we put on our skin, to the medicines and foods we consume. Fossil fuels such as crude oil and coal have had their day; for both environmental and geopolitical reasons, we need to transition to more sustainable sources.

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At Geno, we are breaking the planet's reliance on these fossil fuels by creating something better. Our vision to drive climate action at scale starts by making the same molecules, ingredients and materials we rely on every day, but deriving them from more sustainable sources.



just better

We’re addressing the climate crisis by changing the ingredients that make up the products we use every day.


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is made of

changing what

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made of

Spanning products across a wide variety of industries, Geno’s technologies power high performance at leading scale and volume, delivering plant-derived ingredients to some of the world’s largest brands. And with that, we are shaping the creation of more transparent, traceable and responsible global supply chains for brands and their consumers to rely on.

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