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We develop commercial biobased processes to make widely-used chemicals that enable better, more sustainable everyday products. That enables our partners and leading brands to offer better food packaging, auto parts, clothing, tires, carpets, cosmetic ingredients, cleaning products and more. To learn more about who we are and what matters to us, see our first Sustainability and Social Responsibility report.
We’ve commercialized processes for bio-BDO (for plastics) and for biobased butylene glycol (for cosmetics); and our technology drives the world’s first commercial-scale biobased plant for a major intermediate chemical. We’re working on polyamide intermediates (nylon), and on long-chain chemicals (cleaning products, to replace palm oil as feedstock). We have more on the way.

Remaking Nylon (video) 390x222px
See how we’re working to remake nylon (video)

We give licensees and engineering firms everything they need to build and operate commercial plants successfully, to produce more sustainable chemicals using our technologies. That includes our engineered microorganisms, Process Design Packages and technical services for their plants to startup smoothly, work reliably and deliver on performance guarantees. We have other products made for us (e.g. our Brontide™ butylene glycol) which we then market and distribute worldwide).

Our technology leadership begins with our foundation in computation and modeling, and combines bioprocess and microorganism design with production economics and technology transfer in a total solutions approach. Our ability to “program biology” keeps getting better, and includes an alliance with Ginkgo Bioworks that leverages their automated foundries to accelerate construction of our strain designs. Additionally, we acquired technology for long-chain chemicals in 2019, expanding our potential markets. Our intellectual property includes over 1,500 patents and applications. We have earned widespread acclaim for our achievements.

We are proud to partner with companies including Covestro, Cargill, Novamont, Aquafil, ExxonMobil, Clariant, BASF and more.


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Christophe Schilling
CEO, co-founder

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David Muldoon

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Rasmus von Gottberg

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Tom McDonald

CarlosA. Cabrera Executive Chairman Genomatica

Carlos A. Cabrera
Executive Chairman

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Amy Buono

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Nelson Barton

Sasha Calder Genomatica Sustainability

Sasha Calder

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Priti Pharkya
Strategy and Corporate Development

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Steve Weiss

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Damien A. Perriman
Specialty Products

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Kaspar Evertz

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Jeff Lievense

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