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GENO™️ Bio-BDO is our process technology that uses plant sugars instead of fossil fuels as feedstock.
GENO™️ BDO produces 1,4-butanediol that contains 100% renewable carbon.
Identical performance to conventional fossil fuel-based BDO and in existing downstream value chain(s).

GENOTM BDO process technology is already commercialized across the world in the EU, US and is now launching in Asia markets

Geno first commercialized GENO™ BDO in 2016 and has since continued to successfully scale its technology and impact globally across the EU and US and will now be launching in Asia. Driven and designed for impact, in comparison to coal based-BDO, which by volume is primarily sourced from China, GENO™ BDO technology enables traceable, responsibly sourced and renewable plant feedstocks instead of fossil fuel sources.

GenoTM BDO Process

Biogenic Feedstock Sourcing

Geno’s technology can utilize various forms of sugar sources to drive its technology. As Geno continues to scale, it will work with its partners to prioritize building responsible source industrial grade, traceable and regenerative sugar supply chains.


Sugar Cane


Bio-based BDO Producers

Product SpecificationButanediol
Purity> 99.5%
Water< 500ppm
Color< 10 APHA
Renewable Carbon100%

BDO's Downstream Derivatives







These chemicals go into making everyday products ranging from apparel (like Spandex) to automotive to packaging, as well as plastics and electronics.

Sustainability &
Commercial Value

GENO™ BDO technology was commercialized in 2016. Since then, Geno has continued to scale its technology across the EU, US, and now Asia markets. This fully proven and transformative process technology offers an estimated 90% carbon avoidance and competitive economics compared to conventional China, coal based BDO in the market.

Globally, more than 2.5 million tons of BDO are produced annually..If all BDO was produced using Geno’s technology, over 14 million tons of greenhouse gases per year would be avoided, the equivalent of taking 3 million cars off the road.

Interested in the economics? Us too.

Economic value and payoff set Geno™ Bio-BDO apart from conventional BDO offerings on the market, especially when carbon is valued.

With modest carbon pricing, only $40/tonne CO2e is required to achieve the lowest cost BDO in the world, due to significant carbon cost savings.

Traceability— Consumer Demand

Unlike coal powered BDO plants, Geno technology can offer more traceable sources of feedstock. At Geno, we're building strategic relationships with key feedstock partners – like the Iowa Corn Association and other leading industry commodity groups as we scale our technology.

By co-locating a GENO™ BDO plant near locally grown feedstock, sustainable and transparent supply chain(s) can by created.

Some of the key driving areas of building our Responsible Sourcing program center on both the environmental as well as health / community impacts of creating more sustainable sources. The sustainable source – it's more than a tagline for us. It's our core feedstock and technology offering, renewable sources to drive the Materials Transition.

Safety Profile

Because Geno uses biology, instead of conventional chemistry, we’ve built our technology and manufacturing capabilities to be as efficient as possible. The win?

GENO™ BDO plants as compared to fossil fuel-based BDO facilities, do not use acetylene or formaldehyde, known hazardous compounds.


Geno’s biobased—1,4-butanediol, or Geno™ Bio-BDO for short, process technology uses plant sugars instead of fossil fuel feedstock to create a major chemical intermediate to create a diverse array of everyday materials and consumer products. This includes plastics in cars and electronics to spandex and shoes.

Geno™ Bio-BDO has identical performance to fossil fuel-based BDO, as well as in existing downstream value chain(s). The key difference between Geno™ Bio-BDO and conventional BDO is the estimated 90% carbon avoidance and competitive economics to what’s currently in the market.

With its identical performance, estimated 90% carbon avoidance, and competitive economics compared to conventional fossil fuel-based BDO, Geno™ Bio-BDO is the better choice in many ways. Additionally, Geno™ Bio-BDO can enable sustainable and transparent supply chains, unlike the opaque fossil fuel industry, with locally grown feedstock and co-located production plants.

Italian bioplastics company Novamont first produced Bio-BDO at industrial production scale beginning in the summer of 2016 using Geno BDO™ process technology.

Considered a drop-in for conventional BDO, Geno™ Bio-BDO can be used across industries where plastics are needed. This includes textiles like spandex, automotive, packaging, and molded industrial and consumer goods, and much more.

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