Nohbo zero-waste shampoo made possible by Brontide

New single-use, water-soluble shampoo drops answer increasing consumer demand for natural, sustainable products with zero waste

Melbourne, Florida and San Diego, California (April 2, 2019) – NOHBO LLC today announced its partnership with Genomatica to create a new natural line of single-use, water-soluble personal care Drops. The new collection of eco-friendly products, manufactured by NOHBO Labs, is made with Genomatica’s natural Brontide™ butylene glycol.

Brontide is derived from a sustainable and renewable sugar fermentation process and is a key material that enables the drop to remain fully encased until it comes in contact with water. Brontide’s unique physical properties aid in the prevention of the formula from dissolving or interacting with NOHBO’s innovative, patent-pending hygroscopic outer film layer, collectively giving the personal care industry a new option for showcasing natural, biodegradable beauty pods.

NOHBO’s product launch follows a successful pre-sale period which generated strong interest from the consumer market as well as inquiries from leading names in the personal care, hospitality and sustainability industries. The company’s new signature 15-pack of 5-milliliter shampoo drops will be shipping direct to U.S. customers in May 2019. NOHBO’s high-performing shampoo drops are the first of several introductions planned for the company’s new line of personal care products which also includes conditioners, body washes and shaving creams.

NOHBO, a natural, high-performing shampoo with zero waste

NOHBO Drops produce an excellent personal care experience while eliminating plastic waste. When rubbed in the hands with water, each drop is able to lather, nourish and clean most hair lengths and types completely. The moisturizing drops, now available in a rosemary mint blend infused with sandalwood, combine nature’s restorative elements — such as argan oil, aloe and green tea extracts—leaving hair feeling soft, manageable and clean. NOHBO Drops are also free of harmful ingredients, including PEGS, silicones, parabens, sulfates and preservatives.

Standard plastic bottle packaging can take up to 1,000 years to degrade, but NOHBO’s biodegradable, water-soluble film breaks down instantly when met with water. This benefit, combined with NOHBO’s biodegradable, plant-based outer container, enables customers to take a significant step toward zero waste. The packaging also provides an effective moisture barrier, ensuring the integrity of each drop throughout its entire lifecycle.

“Today’s consumers are not only concerned about where their personal care products are going but what is going into them,” said Benjamin Stern, NOHBO’s chief executive officer. “Thanks to Genomatica’s natural Brontide butylene glycol, we are now able to answer these questions with responses that meet and beat customer expectations.”

Brontide, a natural, sustainably-produced butylene glycol

Brontide is ideal for personal care manufacturers looking to develop new natural products or reformulate existing products with a natural alternative to petroleum-based materials. The ingredient integrates seamlessly into personal care formulations – as a humectant, preservative booster, solubilizer or stabilizer – and can be used in a wide range of applications.

“Brontide is providing the personal care industry with a more sustainable solution for developing natural products where performance matters,” said Damien Perriman, Genomatica’s senior vice president, Specialty Chemicals. “It’s inspiring to work with innovators who are able to leverage the performance attributes of Brontide to reimagine the way we use personal care products.”

Brontide is manufactured through an innovative process that uses renewable, plant-derived glucose instead of petroleum-based feedstocks. In this process, glucose is converted to 1,3 butylene glycol via fermentation by microorganisms in a controlled system. Genomatica’s unique fermentation process reduces global warming contribution by nearly 50% compared to petroleum-based butylene production.

To learn more about NOHBO Drops or to request a product sample, contact NOHBO at To learn more about Brontide or to request a product sample contact Genomatica and visit To obtain a NOHBO Drops product sample at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2019, stop by Genomatica booth #356.


NOHBO specializes in and is at the forefront of research and development of podded personal care products, utilizing the most advanced water-soluble films and compatible bases that lead to excellent and novel washing experiences. The company brand is the brainchild of Benjamin Stern, a young entrepreneur, with the mission of producing single-use, eco-friendly and cost-effective personal care drops that eliminate bottled waste and help save the environment. Originally seen on Shark Tank, and part of the Mark Cuban and JB Fitzgerald family of companies, NOHBO has perfected its line of water-soluble shampoos, conditioner, body wash and shaving cream, called NOHBO Drops. NOHBO is eliminating the cycle of reducing, reusing and recycling by plastic products in the bathroom by using plant-based, high-quality, eco-friendly vegan products that are not tested on animals. To learn more about NOHBO, visit

About Genomatica

Genomatica is a widely-recognized leader in bioengineering and naturally-sourced ingredients that is leading the transition to more sustainable materials. The company develops biobased process technologies that enable a better way to produce widely-used chemicals from alternative feedstocks, with better economics, sustainability, and performance. Genomatica has earned widespread acclaim for its technology and has already commercialized processes for two important chemicals, butanediol (for biodegradable plastics and apparel) and butylene glycol (cosmetics and personal care). Awards include the Kirkpatrick Award, for the most noteworthy chemical engineering technology commercialized in the world and the ICIS Innovation Award for its natural Brontide™ butylene glycol. To learn more, visit To learn more about Brontide, visit


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